Photographer, Environmental Activist, Author, Scientist

The Ansel Adams Award:

The Sierra Club named Boyd as the recipient of the 2015 Ansel Adams Award. This award honors an individual who has made superlative use of still photography to further conservation causes over a lifetime.

Founding Member: ilcp-logo-new

Boyd is a Charter Fellow of The International League of Conservation Photographers which  is an important force for preserving wilderness worldwide. Check it out at:

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My Newest Book:

“Boyd Norton inspires you to take action with your camera to save wilderness and wildlife everywhere.” Jane Goodall

Published in February 2016 – Click photo to order

My Serengeti Book!

Boyd’s recent book Serengeti: The Eternal Beginning. A significant portion of the proceeds will be donated to Serengeti Watch.

“Boyd Norton has captured the magic of this ancient and majestic ecosystem.” Jane Goodall

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Serengeti book cover.

Serengeti book cover.


“Preserving the Serengeti is as much about saving our humanity, our link to nature and our own ancient past, as it is about stopping an environmental tragedy. Boyd’s book, Serengeti: the Eternal Beginning covers it all very well.”

Richard Engel, Chief Foreign Correspondent, NBC NEWS

“Boyd Norton has captured the magic of this ancient and majestic ecosystem. Through superb and deeply sensitive photographs and compelling accounts of his experiences there he introduces its animals and people. Serengeti: the Eternal Beginning is profoundly moving – you will understand why it is so important to preserve this place for generations to come.”

Jane Goodall, Founder

– the Jane Goodall Institute & UN Messenger of Peace.

“One of the 40 most influential nature photographers from around the globe”

Outdoor Photography Magazine, U.K.

“What manner of insanity would lead us to destroy our own cradle. A cradle that still brings forth so much life. That is the Serengeti. And it’s richness and wonder are under great threat. Boyd Norton’s book, Serengeti, shows us this magical land in all its splendor, and demonstrates how we might better know it and preserve it”.

Ed Begley, Jr., actor, eco-activist

Just for Fun:

The Day I Blew Up a Nuclear Reactor

By Boyd Norton