Serengeti – It’s like seeing the world when it was young

We still have some spaces on our photo and natural history safari in January 2010 (limited to 10 participants). Next year marks our 25th year of running photo safaris there. If anyone is interested, information here:

Machu Picchu Nightmare

I guess I had been spoiled. On previous trips (I’ve been there five times) the photography at Machu Picchu was great – not many people in the ruins if you got there early for sunrise. But this recent trip in April this year it was a mob scene – thousands of people...

Fernandina Eruption

During the recent trip to Galapagos I was lucky enough to be at Fernandina Island during a recent eruption. Tough photography – the only illumination was the red glow of flowing lava as it moved down to the sea. But I got some great shots, soon to be posted on my...

Work on Serengeti Book Progressing

The work on my Serengeti book is nearly done – one chapter to finish. Publication will probably be next Spring (Fulcrum Publishing).