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Discovery Channel Hosts Sarah Palin!!

That's right, the Discovery Channel is going to do a series on Alaska hosted by Sarah Palin! What in hell are they thinking of? It's an outrage to have someone who promotes aerial slaughter of wolves, hunting brown bears, fought against protection of polar bears. Send...

My First Published Work!!

Cleaning out some files a while ago I found this. Never got a favorable review from the New York Times Book Review. In fact, never got reviewed. And no autograph parties. Bummer. Do you suppose it was the cover design? Maybe a sexier title would have been better.I'll...

Stop the Destruction of Orangutan Habitat

Palm oil plantations are destroying prime rainforest habitat in Borneo. I've seen it firsthand. Nestle is a big user of palm oil. Send them a message.Have a break? from Greenpeace UK on Vimeo.

An Outrageous Idea

The Republic of Tanzania and Zambia have submitted a controversial proposal to CITES, the Convention on the International Trade of Endangered Species, for a one time sell-off of over 80 tons of ivory. The 15th CITES conference will convene from March 13-25th in Doha,...

My talk at the 9th World Wilderness Congress in Merida, Mexico in November, 2009. Don't worry, it's only about 6 minutes - discussion about the Serengeti ecosystem and an excerpt from my forthcoming book, Serengeti: the Stillness of the Eternal Beginning. Wild9 was...

Frosty Evergreen Morning

It was actually warmer in Irkutsk (28 degrees low) than it was here in Evergreen (19 degrees on our thermometer). Made for some nice photos of frost on the ponderosa pines.


Serengeti video ~ 3 minutesWe have a few spaces open (max of 12) on our May 22 - June 2, 2010 photo trip.Information: http://www.wildernessphotography.com/tanzania.htm

Siberia’s Jackson Hole – the Barguzin Valley

In the summer of 1990 I started work on my Lake Baikal book (published in 1992 by the Sierra Club). While there I made a side trip with the late David Brower and some other environmentalists to a marvelous valley east of Baikal - the Barguzin Valley.We were the first...

No Cookout Tonight

Yup, typical Evergreen summer/fall. Only two seasons here - last winter and this winter.Now where'd I put that %$#@*&% snow shovel?

Cover For My New Digital Photography Book

Publication is scheduled for next Spring - Voyageur Press (they published my best-selling The Art of Outdoor Photography)http://bit.ly/2x74p (To pre-order)http://bit.ly/16dtfn (The Art of Outdoor Photography)

No, No – It’s Photography Workshop, not Pornography Workshop

Barb sent an email about our April 2010 Galapagos Photo Workshop/tour to a friend of our daughter's in the UK. The company email blocked it because of "profanity" and "pornography." Turns out the objectionable word here was "boobies" - as in blue-footed boobies...